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24 %  alcohol

Text Box: Insistent on quality, “Shiro” uses only the highest quality and carefully selected rice. “Shiro” is carefully made from the pure and mineral-rich water of the Hitoyoshi Basin. The full, rich aroma and crisp taste is truly a gift of nature. Emitting a charming scent of superior quality rice coupled with a light-tasting fruity body, “Shiro” offers a taste you will long for.  This is Rice Shochu, Takahashi Suzhou's pride and joy.

750ml, 200ml size available

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Yokaichi Kome is the finest Kome Shochu. It is made from highly polished rice and combines age-old craftsmanship with modern technology. Enjoy the clean, crisp taste and pleasant rice aroma on the rocks or straight up.

25 %  alcohol


Text Box: Gankutsuoh is made from 100% Kome (rice) Koji fermentation. It is distilled and poured into large porcelain pots, which are then stored in a natural cave. This unique process gives Gankutsuoh an exceptionally smooth taste and pleasant aroma. 
Text Box: 750ml
Text Box: 25 %  alcohol


24 %  alcohol




General Brown Rice

Special Brown Rice

Special rice makes better taste.

Clear. Overripe pear, dried flower and anise aromas. A soft delicate entry leads to a very dry, silky medium bodied palate with Asian pear, star anise, green apple, and faint bubble-gum-like flavors. Finishes with a lightly peppery and spicy, fermented fruit fade.



25 %  alcohol


For your memory of Good old days.

23 %  alcohol