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20 %  alcohol

Text Box: Clear aroma. Subtlety sweet. Serin is a barley Shochu made from the most choice barley and malt. Filtering the carefully brewed raw spirits through bamboo charcoal gives Seirin a clear, distinguished flavor. Enjoy it ice-cold straight up, on the rocks or with a bit of water.

750ml #14369

Text Box: TV CM about Iichiko’s different shochu in Japan


24 %  alcohol  #  14350




23.5 %  alcohol  # 14385


Ikkiko is brewed with only selected ingredients; one part rice mold, two parts barley and pure natural water. The traditional brewing technique carried on from the Edo Period (1618 - 1868) along with the modern vacuum distillation process draws out the refreshing taste and aroma that are very unique to Ikkiko. Ikkiko is not only pleasing to connoisseurs of shochu but is also very popular among a wide range of people including those who are health conscious.

23 %  alcohol

750ml  #   14389

Text Box: Clean aroma, rich body and deep flavor. This barley shochu is the top of the Iichiko product range. This uses barley koji only in its production. It can be enjoyed on the rocks, with cold or hot water. Experience this supreme taste.

750ml    # 14368

30 % Alcohol

Text Box: Soft and pleasant palate. Its simple flavor exudes subtly. Iichiko Kurobin is a genuine shochu that hamozizes exquisitely with all-koji raw spirits-the origin of barley koji drinks.

750ml   # 14367

25 % Alcohol

200ml #14358


Yokaichi Mugi is the finest Mugi Shochu. It is made from superior barley and combines age-old craftsmanship with modern technology. Enjoy the clean crisp taste and pleasant aroma on the rocks or straight up.

25 %  alcohol  #  14345

This oak barrel aged, amber colored shochu is brewed using a special method of blending different aged shochu made from carefully selected barley, malt, and spring water. This well-aged shochu, with its luscious flavor and full body, is best served on-the-rocks or with cold water.

24 %  alcohol

750ml  #  14352

Barley Shochu may be commonplace, flat tasting with no character. Hitotsubu no Mugi is unique. It is a perfectly crystalline Shochu, a true gem. Slightly sweet aroma and a superb barley flavor with bitter high notes and a smooth flow of fine liqueur.

750ml  #   14363

24 %  alcohol