24 %  alcohol   #  14356

Text Box: Shima Uta, which means Okinawa-island song, was named after the song of the Okinawa-island. The song gets quickly popular and so would the popularity of this Awamori be spread throughout the country. Made only from rice with no added brewer’s alcohol, Shimauta is easy to drink even for those who drink Awamori for the first time. Its clean and refreshing taste is very appealing.


Using spring water from the highest mountain in Okinawa, this awamori is one of the highest quality and tasty awamori.

25 %  alcohol   #   14370


Text Box: Mizuho Shuzo has been brewing Awamori for 150 years, since the times of the Ryukyu Dynasty. This Awamori-style shochu, with a rich flavor and fresh taste, traces its roots to a brewery built underground, the largest in Okinawa. This Shochu, brewed and aged at the same temperature all year around, will titillate any serious drinker’s heart. 
Text Box: 750ml
Text Box: 25 %  alcohol   #   14371

25 %  alcohol   #  14372

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